According to a study published by the Institute of Sleep Medicine, one third of our life is spent sleeping. At age 60 years, 20 of them we shall asleep. It's what we do over, day after day, night after night, so that any problems during sleep, affects us daily, both night and day, conditioning often our life, because the functions of sleep are very important for our body . DREAM is a vital function for being ...

  • Imperative (the human being can not live without sleep)
  • Restorative (sleep "repair" our body every day)
  • Complementary and essential to ensure the vigil: we sleep to stay awake the next day
  • Physiologically necessary: (regulator of biorhythms and guarantee the balance between internal biological requirements and the external environment)

Therefore in Manufactured Durus offer all possible comfort for your rest be perfect and healthy.