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www.fabricadosdurus.com guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data provided by the Users and its automated processing according to the current legislation on protection of personal data (Fundamental Law 15/99, of December 13, of Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, Royal Decree 994/1999, of June 11, which approves the regulation of security measures of automated files containing personal data as well as all regulations applicable to this matter). This data will be used exclusively to be able to provide information about our services to those users who request it using this form.

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The USERS may exercise the rights of access, cancellation, amendment and opposition to the processing, use and transfer of their data through communication addressed to correo@fabricadosdurus.com or by postal mail at the address, Pol. Ind. El Tiro, C/ Antonio Belmonte Abellán, 7 Apdo. de Correos 306, 30100 Espinardo, Murcia, in the latter case enclosing a photocopy of their ID card.

www.fabricadosdurus.com will not share the personal data of the USERS that are collected through the WEBSITE with third parties without the express consent of the USER.

The user agrees that his/her personal information will be used when so required by the competent administrative authorities or by court order.


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